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Puzzle Packs

What to do if your puzzle packs don't arrive

A small but significant number of people have written to us to say they did not get the puzzle packs they ordered.
There are four common reasons why our deliveries fail.
  • Once payment is complete it is essential to follow the link back to our site. For World Pay payments this will trigger the email with the puzzles to you. This act also sends your customer information to us. For PayPal payments we ask for your email address after payment and there is a button to press to trigger the puzzle email. If you failed to come back to our site then the delivery will not happen.
  • If you pay by credit card on PayPal or go through all the pages to set up an account, there will not be an automatic return to our site. You have to check the Thank You pages carefully to find the Return to Merchant link.
  • Your delivery email address is incorrect
  • Your email address was okay and we delivered the email but you spam filter discarded it. The email we've designed shouldn't contain anything a spam filter could object to.
  • Some EarthLink customers and people with white-lists require all emails to be verified by a human visiting a web site and confirming that they sent the email. We cannot automatically deliver emails to these types of accounts.
Please email alexware@sudoku.org.uk with your name, email address, method of payment and what your ordered. We will be very happy to forward your puzzle packs manually. If you have the PayPal or WorldPay transaction email, you could help us by forwarding that as well.

Note: we are working with a Paypal Intergrator to make the delivery much more seemless and hopefully eliminate some of the problems with delivery

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