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Competitions page
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Take part in our Daily and Weekly Competitions or just play for fun
NOTE : You can complete missed puzzles from 1st May 2021 using the Advance Entries
  Daily Sudoku The daily Sudoku competition
  Sudoku Extreme Weekly competition graded as Extreme
  Daily Jigsaw Sudoku The daily Jigsaw Sudoku competition
  Jigsaw Extreme Weekly competition graded as Extreme
  Daily Killer Sudoku Daily Killer Sudoku
  Killer Extreme Weekly competition graded as Extreme
Mini Sudoku/Killer    
  Daily Mini Sudoku/Killer Daily Mini Sudoku and Mini Killer Sudoku
Future Puzzles Advance Entry Advance entry for Sudoku, Jigsaw& Killer
Killer and Kakuro Helper
Need help with your Puzzle solving
In addition to our solvers we also offer utilities to help you solve various puzzles. One example is out Killer/Kakuro possible value calculator.
Extreme Sudoku | Jigsaw | Killer

Daily Mini Sudoku and Killer
Daily Sudoku Online
Daily Jigsaw Sudoku
Daily Killer Sudoku

Sudoku Online
Online SUDOKU - Play Sudoku Online NOW. All grades available.
Free Jigsaw Online
Play Jigsaw Sudoku Online
Killer Sudoku Online
Play Killer Sudoku Online
Nurikabe Online
Play Kakuro Online
Competitions page

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